About Stump Removal in the Toronto Area

Stump removal serviceStump Master Stump Removal and Tree Services have been helping commercial and residential clientele since 1988.

We use state of the art equipment, like the Carlton SP5014 pictured to the right. This ensures each and every job is done with care not to damage any existing features and in a timely manner.

Our staff of highly trained and experienced professionals stands behind each and every job and are ready with answers to all your stump removal and tree care related questions.

At The Stump Master "No job is too big, or too small" and we are happy to provide estimates before starting any work.

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Stump removal service is a process by which an individual removes a stump. That is simple, right? Ever had those large, annoying tree stumps in your back yard? No a pretty site, right? They occupy

space and frankly, they sometimes ruin the landscape. Imagine your neighbour driving by and seeing a large stump right in front of your house. All that can change.

How so, you may ask. Well, for a long time, people have been removing stumps by themselves, putting time and effort into clearing up the mess left behind by cut or fallen trees. Imagine how much time it would take to remove a stump on your own. All that time and energy that could be put to better use relaxing, or in a friendly conversation, is used up by hard labour.

So how do we remove stumps on our own? First, we can dig it out. For this, we simply need a shovel and a lot of time and effort. Imagine if the stump has big roots; that will take a long time to dig out. Second, we can burn it. But that can cause problems for both you and the neighbours, due to all that smoke. Besides, after it is burned, the remnants do not improve the landscape at all. What other stump removal service is there?

Well, there are different chemicals that can be used for this purpose. How do they work? It is simple; you just pour a chemical like potassium nitrate on the stump, increasing its decay rate. But this means that you have to wait for up to 6 weeks and also have to pay attention that children or others do not get in close proximity to the substance.

The best way, in our opinion, is to call in a specialist: one that knows how to remove stumps, preferably with a stump grinder, such as Carlton SP5014 used by The Stump Master. Why choose to go with The Stump Master?

For one thing, this company has been providing stump removal service since 1988. They have been doing so since before some of us even got to high school. They have shown dedication, and have worked hard, by the motto: "No job is too big, or too small." And it is true.

Not sure what to do about the stump in your front yard? Visit http://thestumpmaster.ca/ and find out how you can remove it, while protecting your family and neighbours, and keeping that yard clean and smooth, like it has always been.

At The Stump Master, you will find a team of highly trained professionals who will be more than happy to help you solve your problem and get that mean stump of your lawn. They have proved their professionalism time and time again, and are ready to do it for you.

So what can we take home from all of this? Well, the information above provides sufficient proof that the best stump removal service is the one done by professionals, and so, you need only relax and let the stump be removed for you.