Residential Stump Removal and Residential Stump Grinding

Optional Dual Wheels are easily removed. One bolt and you are through the back gate.

Trees are an amazing part of nature because of their beauty and ability to help clean the air we breathe. But trees sometimes become damaged, die or a variety of other important situations occur that make it necessary for a tree to be cut down. This leaves behind an unattractive stump that can look and feel like a nuisance. Removing a stump on your own is no easy feat and can seem downright impossible. However, allowing a professional like StumpMaster to take on the job is by far the best option.

Some people take the route of trying to dig out a stump on their own, but if the tree has deep roots, this often involves labor-intensive, backbreaking work. Even with the help of a shovel, axe, saws and other tools required to complete just a tiny fraction of the job, it can still prove to be very challenging. This doesn't even include the time to haul away the debris afterward. Others may use chemicals to try to remove a stump, but it is important to understand that it can take a month or more for chemicals to work, and worse, the chemicals can easily pose harm to any children, pets or wildlife that come near the area in question.

Tree Services

There are many reasons to prune a tree, the most common ones being tree health, safety, and appearance but it is important to understand that different types of trees require different pruning techniques. Your tree type, the season / weather, and the tools at your disposal all effect how well your tree can be pruned.

The experts at Toronto Stump Grinding have the experience and knowledge to prune your tree the right way and help you achieve optimal results. With our wide array of tools and techniques we can ensure that your tree is taken care of.

We realize your home and garden are a special place and need to be cared for as such.

Our care and attention to detail when working on your property is of the greatest importance. Our quality workmanship and high level of service ensures complete customer satisfaction every time.

Important information regarding residential stump removal:

  • Will not damage existing landscaping
  • Will fit into just about every area - even a 3ft gate!
  • Will not damage lawn/turf areas
  • Will not damage brick/pavement/stonework
  • Is light enough not to damage septic areas

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