Stump Grinding and Stump Removal in Toronto

Let The Stump Master Do Some Stump Grinding

Have you ever had a tree or stump removal problem in the past? If you have, then you know you're not going to tackle the problem using an axe and your brute strength. There have been stories of people tying chains and using the horsepower behind automobiles and all other kinds of crazy ideas. For sure, your best option is to have the professionals come out to handle your problem. They have state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically for these situations, and they can answer all questions and concerns you might have.

The Stump Master offers you over 25 years of experience helping both residential and commercial customers. Whether you're talking about a pesky stump from a dead tree or a much larger project, you can be rest assured that The Stump Master can handle your request, from the estimate to the stump removal, through to the stump grinding.

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SP5014 Stump Grinder

People don't think about the stump grinding aspect of stump removal. There are also other important components to stump removal that people don't think about. A stump grinder must be used in order to get rid of the stump unless you're going to chop it up and burn it in the fireplace. Either way, are you really going to rent a stump grinding machine? Are you also going to rent the Carlton SP5014, a machine the size of a tractor? No, you would rather discuss an estimate with a company who is used to handling tree and stump removal and can make things easy for you.

SP2000 Stump Grinder

When you consider tree and stump removal, you have to think about how deep the root system goes into the ground. One part of the services offered by the professionals is ensuring your landscape doesn't look horrendous when they are done. If you were to do the job by yourself, you would have one big mess. They will ensure that the tree and stump are removed properly using the right techniques so that your landscape is protected and can be quickly fixed once the operation is done.
The stump grinder machine used by The Stump Master makes the job a quick and easy one. If you were to tackle the job, you might think you would have it all wrapped up in an hour or two, but you would be wrong. It would take you all day, and you probably wouldn't finish the job.
Don't allow that eyesore to exist on your lawn anymore. Think about what could be put in its space. The Stump Master makes tree and stump removal hassle free for you. Appointments are easy to make, and the staff are friendly and courteous, willing to walk you through the process. They will meet you out on site to assess the problem and solution and discuss and estimate with you.
So what about you? Are you ready for hard labor? Why not soak up the sun and get the new tree ready to plant as you sip your sweet iced tea and watch the professionals do their thing. Sounds like a plan right?